Content And Strategy

Now you can maximize your impact in the Engaging Networks platform for even more wins.

Your agency works hard to develop top notch campaign strategy that will help clients win campaigns and raise more money. An accredited Account Services partner focuses on outsourced campaign work for clients. Your success will focus on campaign strategy and content creation, rather than technical customisation of the platform

Some of the things our clients look to our accredited Account Services partners for include:

  • Top Of The Funnel Marketing

    Managing and selecting audiences, creating and integrating top of the funnel marketing campaigns

  • Acquisition & Reactivation

    Implementing social sharing and building acquisition and reactivation campaigns, data imports or exports.

  • Campaign Content

    Creating campaign content from existing templates, building broadcast emails & email automation workflows.

What's In It For Our Agency?

Visibility To Our Clients

Passing an accreditation course means we can list you in our partner directory and start recommending you to clients. Your agency will also  be eligible to participate in co-marketing such as webinars, conference sessions and other client facing content increasing your visibility to the non-profit teams that want to hire you.

 Shareable Certification

When an agency team member passes an accreditation course, we issue them a uniquely identifiable online certificate. These certificates can be added to your LinkedIn profile with our 'one click' Certification Sharing, showing off your in depth certified knowledge of the Engaging Networks platform to your peers and potential new clients.

Previews of upcoming product releases

Our accredited partner newsletter and exclusive partner meet ups bring you sneak peeks of new product features before they're released. We also actively encourage accredited partners to provide input into product development too

Optional Referral Fees

Our accredited partners can also opt-in to our referral fee program too. We'll pay you a generous commission for each client you refer our way.

How Long Will It Take Me To Complete This Course?

The total training time for this course is circa: 12 hours

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Course Introduction

  • 2

    Product Orientation

    • Logging In & Orientation

    • The System Menu

    • A Tour Of The Main Menu

  • 3

    Page-Builder Content Elements

    • Creating A Page Builder Page

    • Layout and Text Blocks

    • Image Blocks

    • Code Blocks

    • Shared Component Library

  • 4

    Creating Page-Builder Forms

    • Introduction To Forms

    • Adding A Form To Your Page

    • Editing your Form Fields

  • 5

    Form Questions & Opt-Ins

    • Adding Custom Questions

    • Adding Opt-In Questions

    • Managing Questions & Opt-Ins

  • 6

    Advanced Page-Builder Tools

    • Profiles & Conditional Content

    • Social Sharing

    • Display Widgets

    • Field Updates

  • 7

    Building Dynamic Pages

    • Dependencies

    • Redirect & Filter

  • 8

    Some Additional Page Types

    • Page Types Overview

    • Static Pages

    • Split Test Pages

    • Ecards

  • 9

    Page Templates

    • An Introduction To Page-Builder Templates & Blueprints

    • Free & Flexible Templates 2.0

    • Free & Flexible Events Templates

    • Free & Flexible Donation Templates

    • Free & Flexible Template Split Testing

  • 10

    Account Data

    • Introduction To Data Structure

    • Creating New Data Fields

    • Creating Custom Question Components

    • Creating Opt-In Question Components

    • Accessing Supporter Data

    • Building A Supporter Data Dashboard

    • Additional Dashboard Gadgets

    • Householding

    • Geo-Location

    • Managing Duplicate Records

  • 11

    Data Export & Import

    • Using Query Builder

    • Exporting Data From Engaging Networks

    • Creating & Using Export Groups

    • Importing Data Into Engaging Networks

    • Bulk Deleting Supporter Records

  • 12


    • Creating Supporter Profiles

    • Creating Attributes

    • Tracking Parameters

    • Tracking Channels

    • Lead Forms

    • Engaging Networks GDPR Functionality

  • 13

    Advocacy Pages

    • Introduction To Petitions - Making A Plan

    • How Petition Pages Operate

    • Setting Up A Petition Page

    • Setting Up The Thank You Page

    • Setting Up A Static Page For A Dependency Redirect

    • Adding A Dependency Redirect

    • Connecting Hub Content To A Petition

    • Adding Tracking Parameters To Your Page

    • Managing Your Tracking With Channels

    • Testing your Petition Page

    • An Overview Of Email To Target Databases

    • Email To Target Settings

    • Setting Up Page 1 Of An Email To Target Page

    • Setting Up Redirect & Filter Rules

    • Setting Up Target Message Blocks

    • Creating A Thank You Email & Page

    • Testing An Email To Target Page

    • Introduction To Tweet To Target

    • Making A Plan For Your Tweet To Target Campaign

    • Setting Up The Tweet To Target Data Capture Page

    • Setting Up Tweet To Target Blocks & Messaging

    • Testing and Launching Your Tweet To Target Page

    • Advocacy Resource Links

  • 14


    • Fundraising Tools Introduction, Page Examples and Pre-Build Checklist

    • Setting Up Your Donation Page Settings

    • Choosing A Page Layout

    • Collecting The Supporter Details

    • Collecting Payment Details

    • Creating A Thank You Page and Share Ask

    • Creating A Customised Thank You Email

    • Testing The Donation Page and Making It Live

    • Creating & Using Upsell Lightboxes To Increase Donation Amounts

  • 15

    Power Up Your Fundraising

    • Introduction To Power Up Your Fundraising

    • Adding Apple Pay, Google Pay & Paypal One Touch To Your Fundraising Pages

    • Creating A One Click Donation Page For Existing Donors

    • Increasing Your Donations Using Highest Previous Contribution and Next Suggested Gift

    • Highest Previous Contribution Deep Dive: Setting Up HPC In Engaging Networks

    • Next Suggested Gift Deep Dive: Implementing NSG gift blocks on your fundraising pages

    • Next Suggested Gift Deep Dive: Integrating NSG with your fundraising email campaigns

    • Using Most Recent Contribution Data imports as an alternative to an HPC import

    • Split Testing Your Fundraising Pages To Maximise Your Wins

    • How To Link Fundraising Asks To Your Advocacy Campaigns

    • How To Use The Power Of Marketing Automation To Move Your 'Super Supporters' From Action Takers To Donors

  • 16

    Marketing Tools: Email Broadcasts

    • Introducing Marketing Tools: Email Broadcasts

    • Navigating The Marketing Tools

    • Setting Up Your Email Broadcast

    • Creating Your Email Broadcast & Message Content

    • Block Level Conditional Content

    • Email Subject Line Inserts

    • Using Audience Segments

    • Split Testing Your Email Broadcast

    • Testing Your Email Broadcast

    • Sending your email broadcast

    • Rescheduling & Cancelling Broadcast Emails

    • Email Broadcast Reporting

  • 17

    Marketing Tools: SMS Broadcasts

    • Introduction To SMS Broadcasts

    • Engaging Networks + Twilio

    • Twilio SMS Compliance & Deliverability Guide

    • Connecting Your Engaging Networks Account With Twilio

    • Keywording

    • SMS Broadcast Setup

    • SMS Broadcast Creation

    • Audience Segments

    • Split Testing SMS

    • Testing SMS Broadcasts

    • Sending SMS Broadcasts

    • 9. Email Broadcast Reporting

  • 18

    Marketing Automation

    • Creating & Using Email Marketing Automations

    • Selecting Supporters For Email Marketing Automations

    • Jump To Journey In Marketing Automations

    • SMS Marketing Automations

  • 19

    Account Services Exams

    • Account Services Page-Builder Exam

    • Account Services Marketing Tools Exam

  • 20


    • Account Services Assignments