Digital Transformation

This is our ‘masters program’ - it’s strategic and extensive, it’s all about the experience.

Whether it’s translating the client’s need into the use of Engaging Networks, organizing a client’s data set or getting involved in the on-boarding and migration of their organization the Implementation Strategy accreditation course unlocks behind the scenes knowledge from our business. You’ll hear from Engaging Networks staff across the whole spectrum of our business, from support, to account management, business development, technical development and beyond. This training is designed to turn strategies into actions and help clients reach their organisational goals through the use of the Engaging Networks platform.

Some of the things our clients look to Implementation partners for include:

  • Scoping

    Project planning & translation of the the client need into the use of the Engaging Networks tools

  • Data Management

    Creating a data strategy, setting up the constituent record, system design and creation of reporting and metrics.

  • Reaching Goals

    Motivating the client in the use of Engaging Networks, managing and implementing migration

How Long Will It Take Me To Complete This Course?

The total training time for this course is circa: 8 hours

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Course Introduction

  • 2

    Client Motivation

    • Product Use Cases & Benefits

  • 3

    Onboarding & Implementation

    • Client Onboarding Success Strategies

    • General Onboarding Timeline Reference Sheet

    • Domains & SSL Certificates

    • Introducing Page Builder Templates

    • Introduction To Broadcast Email Templates

    • Email Deliverability Best Practice

    • Master Opt-Ins

    • Domain Authentication

  • 4

    20 Topics To Discuss With Your Client

    • Factoring Historic Data Into A Migration

    • Bringing Third Party List Data Into Engaging Networks

    • Working With External Source Data

    • De-duping Data Strategies

    • Structuring Opt-Ins & Unsubscribes (Part 1)

    • Structuring Opt-Ins & Unsubscribes (Part 2)

    • Structuring Opt-Ins & Unsubscribes (Part 3)

    • Internal Account User Management Strategies

    • Setting Up Account Access For Third Parties

    • Using Accounts Hub Multi Tier Accounts

    • Setting Up Multi-Language Campaigns

    • Rolling Out Platform Modules

    • Audience Selection Strategies

    • Enriching Your Data With Our Political Tools

    • Types Of Fundraising

    • Selecting The Right Payment Gateway

    • Importing Active Recurring Donations

    • Receipting Your Donations

    • Implementing A Tracking Strategy

    • Integrating Engaging Networks With Your Online Advertising

    • Internal Organisation Reporting Needs

    • Pre-Campaign Launch Testing Strategies

  • 5

    Data Strategy & Account Data

    • Agency Introduction To Data Structures

    • Creating New Data Fields

    • Creating Custom Question Components

    • Creating Opt-In Question Components

    • Building A Supporter Dashboard

    • Additional Dashboard Gadgets

    • Householding

    • Using Query Builder

    • Exporting Data From Engaging Networks

    • Creating & Using Export Groups

    • Importing Data Into Engaging Networks

    • Bulk Deleting Supporter Records

    • Managing Duplicate Records

    • Lead Forms

  • 6

    Data Segmentation

    • Creating Supporter Profiles

    • Creating Attributes

    • Tracking Parameters

    • Tracking Channels

  • 7

    Data Connectivity

    • Introduction To The Bulk Api

    • Data API Client-Agency Setup Guide

    • Database Integrations

  • 8

    Real Time Data Connectivity

    • Implementing The Rest API Services

    • REST API Client-Agency Setup Guide

    • Peer To Peer API

  • 9

    The Future (Is Here...) - AI & Engaging Networks

    • Machine Learning

    • Graham Covington & Rainforest Action Network: The Next Generation Of Marketing Automations

  • 10

    Implementation Strategy Accreditation

    • Implementation Strategy Exam

    • Implementation Strategy Assignment