Software & Integrations

Create applications and interfaces that extend the reach of the Engaging Networks platform

in the Technology Development course you’ll learn how to use the Engaging Networks Services, including our bulk data API and REST API services. Create third party applications and integrations for external platforms such as Wordpress, Drupal and other CMS systems. Develop in-house applications to provide custom connections into Engaging Networks including mobile apps, custom software . Build data connectivity between Engaging Networks and external platforms such as Salesforce, Raiser’s Edge and other databases of record

Some of the things our clients look to our accredited Technology partners for include:

  • Data Integrations

    Routing information securely between different CRMs and databases of record using our Bulk Data API

  • Mobile Apps

    Extending and integrating the Engaging Networks platform into native apps across mobile platforms

  • Connectivity

    Real time data updates and connectivity using the Engaging Networks REST API

What's In It For Our Agency?

Visibility To Our Clients

Passing an accreditation course means we can list you in our partner directory and start recommending you to clients. Your agency will also  be eligible to participate in co-marketing such as webinars, conference sessions and other client facing content increasing your visibility to the non-profit teams that want to hire you.

 Shareable Certification

When an agency team member passes an accreditation course, we issue them a uniquely identifiable online certificate. These certificates can be added to your LinkedIn profile with our 'one click' Certification Sharing, showing off your in depth certified knowledge of the Engaging Networks platform to your peers and potential new clients.

Previews of upcoming product releases

Our accredited partner newsletter and exclusive partner meet ups bring you sneak peeks of new product features before they're released. We also actively encourage accredited partners to provide input into product development too

Optional Referral Fees

Our accredited partners can also opt-in to our referral fee program too. We'll pay you a generous commission for each client you refer our way.

How Long Will It Take Me To Complete This Course?

The total training time for this course is circa: 4 hours

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Course Introduction

    • An Introduction To Engaging Networks Technology

  • 2

    Understanding Engaging Networks Data

    • Introduction To Data Structure

    • Creating New Data Fields

    • Creating Opt-In Question Components

    • Creating Custom Question Components

    • Building A Supporter Data Dashboard

    • Additional Dashboard Gadgets

    • Householding

    • Using Query Builder

    • Exporting Data From Engaging Networks

    • Creating & Using Export Groups

    • Importing Data into Engaging Networks

    • Bulk Deleting Support Records

    • Creating Supporter Profiles

    • Creating Attributes

    • Tracking Parameters

  • 3

    Public API

    • Introduction To The Public API

    • Public API Client-Agency Setup Guide

    • Public API Implementation

  • 4

    Bulk Data API Services

    • Introduction To The Bulk Data API

    • Data API Client-Agency Setup Guide

    • Export Data API Implementation

    • Import Data API Implementation

    • Bulk Data API Exam

  • 5

    REST API Services

    • Implementing The REST API Services

    • REST API Client-Agency Setup Guide

    • Testing REST API Calls Using Postman

    • REST API Exam

  • 6

    Integrations & Resources

    • Database Integrations

    • Wordpress Integrations

    • Peer To Peer API

  • 7


    • Bulk Data API Assignment

    • REST API Assignment